Moving right along.

We've had more great news this week!!!  The bone marrow scan and urine analysis have come back clean, meaning there doesn't seem to be cancer anywhere else in Bruce's body and it has not progressed into Stage 2.  Whhhhhhhoooooooohooooooooo!  This is such a HUGE relief!!  There are still cancer cells showing up in the latest blood work but Dr. K attributes this to the still present tumor and feels sure that after the radiation treatment is finished this will also come back clean. 
Bruce is starting to feel the side effects of the radiation treatment.  He is definitely more tired and battles waves of exhaustion.  He is dealing with periodic dry mouth but using a special gel and mouthwash along with lots of water to treat it.  He is starting to get a sore throat but it usually goes away by midday.  The most dramatic side effect so far is the changing of his taste buds.  Anything even slightly spicy(mild chili) or herby (rosemary bread) is pretty intolerable for him at this point.  Everything he eats has a metallic taste to it now.  He is still eating the amounts needed to get his calorie and protein goals met but it is becoming more difficult and he has lost a pound in the last week.  I have been cooking up a storm, anything that sounds good to him, hoping to find something that he will enjoy eating.  It feels good to have something to do that might make him feel better. 
We are going to have a nice weekend, attending soccer games and spending some time with friends.  I hope you all enjoy yours!!!
  Until next week....
May you be happy,
 May you be healthy,
   May you be safe,
     May you live with ease.
Big Love, Friends!

And because I like are a few of Uncle Bruce in action this summer. 


Dikke said…
Great shots of uncle Bruce. They all wanted to have his attention. Such good news from the lab. Hang in there, Gast family That tumor is being zapped to nothingness!!!!!