Catching Up

Although, we are still deep into our winter hibernation, I figured I should poke my head out of the cave and catch y'all up a bit. We are doing great, really enjoying getting to know our new home. We have made great use of the big kitchen, the fireplace and the claw foot bathtubs. We have spent most of our evenings hanging out at home, trying some new recipes, playing games with Griffin (he LOVES the Diego game, thanks Webbers!!) and watching DVDs. I have gotten Bruce all caught up on Lost so he can watch with me this season. I have joined an Internet based quilting club that has a monthly project and I am really enjoying getting crafty again...I have even pulled out the embroidery floss and started working on some onesies for Sprout.
Sprout is fantastic. The Dr. is always impressed/aggravated by the flips she does when they are trying to listen to her heartbeat. I would love to say that she is in there practicing twirls with the grace of a ballerina but it really feels more like a sand volleyball player! I am still struggling with lots of back pain so that really keeps my activity level in check. It bums me out that I can't walk daily like I was last trimester but I have been able to get to the YMCA alot to have long swims with Griffin. Other than that, I have the LONG yet typical list of pregnant lady complaints. I am trying to just focus on all the fun things that need to get done to be ready for Sprout's grand entrance. Oh, a few have asked, we probably won't be having any type of baby shower for Sprout since we are so far removed from y'all but we are registered at Target. We have been having so much fun pulling out all of Griffin's baby things and sorting out the things that Sprout will use. It has brought back a flood of beautiful memories. Griffin was such a fantastic baby that I am a little nervous of being unprepared for a slightly more....ummm, shall we say, energetic baby. I have even picked up the "Happiest Baby on the Block" book at the library to get a quick refresher course.
Griffin is so great. He is constantly amazing me with his creativity. This morning I woke up to a Darth Vader like noise right next to my head. I opened my eyes to a fully dressed Knight (helmet, cape, chest plate and sword) complete with a runny nose. His first words, "Mama, I am a Knight. I am going to save the princess, have a sword fight and catch the dragon!" Well, go on with your bad self, just blow your nose first!
I had given my self until the first of the year to get settled into life here in Madisonville. As January crept in, I knew it was time to start to get involved with the community. I haven't really met any friends here and although, I have such close ties with so many women in other places I haven't felt lonely here yet...I knew it might kick in soon. So, with butterflies in my stomach and flashbacks of all those terrifying high school moments of walking into a brand new high school (4 times) I forced myself into joining 2 groups last week. The first was a MOPS group and the second was the local Herb Club. Both groups were so warm and welcoming, I felt comfortable within minutes. It doesn't hurt that EVERYONE is nice to very pregnant ladies. Once they realized I was there alone and didn't know anyone, they reached out with open arms to make me feel connected. I am excited to see what a year of involvement will bring. There is something very loving about this "southern hospitality".
I hope you are all doing well, enjoying what this winter is bringing your way.


Mami Janine said…
Hey, Christi,
I am glad you are starting to feel connected in your community. I, very hesitantly, joined a MOPS group last fall. My sis-in-law had gone before, but I didn't know if it would be "my thing." We do way too many crafts for my liking ;), but I must say, I have really enjoyed getting to know other moms and to have that time to be with other adults! And the boys LOVE going to MOPS, playing with new toys and new kids!

You are Ms. Friendly anyway . . . I remember how fun it was meeting you in that Group Dynamics class (do you REMEMBER that class?! . . . how crazy it was?!). I know we hadn't talked in a few years, but I'm really glad we've re-connected!

Anonymous said…
I am so glade to hear that you are doing a MOPS group. On Wendsday mornings I watch kids for a MOMS group here in California. I am sure you will make some good friends. What kind of crafts do you do with the craft club? I hope you have a wonderful week.