wimpy, wimpy, wimpy

This was the view from the backdoor as I was letting Sunshine out first thing this morning and get this...it was enough snow to warrant cancelling school for today!! The Michigander in me laughs at these thin-skinned Southerners!!
In totally unrelated news...I know some of you have expressed interest in the quilting club that I'm in so I thought I would post the block I do each month. Hopefully, we will all watch me improve over the year! January's theme was Southwest. I chose the brown fabric because it reminded me of earth...sand, dust, rock. The green fabric reminded me of the wavy patterned flesh of succulent plants found in that part of the country. The pattern is called "Anvil" which, I am told, is a common pattern used in Southwest style art. This was my second try, as my first came out at 11 1/2" (supposed to be 12 1/2").