41 Weeks Old

Another cool outfit on loan from the Amors, thanks guys!! This is the first time Lucy has worn jeans...any kind of denim, I believe. I guess I am pretty into the girlie girl thing with her.
She ate her first complete "real" meal this week. I had some leftover acorn squash and she LOVED it, some shredded chicken and cut up peaches. I will be happy to leave baby food in the past! I think she would be willing to give up nursing now but, you know what, I am not ready to give it up. She almost fell asleep last night in Bruce's arms and I almost panicked - I want a few more months of cuddles and quiet time with her. I hope she will hang in there with me until her first birthday. She also started to pull up on things this week. I have to watch her like a hawk now so she doesn't land head first on the floor. Fun times!
The Moms will be here this weekend...we are all looking forward to it. I have a few more cute sibling pics that I will put up over the weekend.
Hope happiness fill your heart today.


janine said…
She is such a cutie, Christi!

And I LOVE that you post weekly photos of her! I think it's such a great idea. She is looking so big!!