Big Announcement!! - no, no more babies!!

As many of you know, Bruce's contract with his current hospital is coming to an end this summer. If you had asked me a year ago I would have told you that we were OUT OF HERE, ASAP! But, a year of memories have been made, a year of friendships deepened, a year of roots thickened and now we would really, really like to stay put for a while longer.
We were not sure that was possible as Bruce really is looking to advance in his career and salary, and with hours being cut at his current hospital, things were looking bleak. He sent his resume out into the cyber world and has been talking with recruiters for the past 2 months about the opportunities available. In short, there are not many positions out there. The medical industry, while slightly more insulated, still is feeling the pinch of these economic times. We were starting to feel a little scared that we might have to move to a less desirable location.
About that time, Bruce found out about a job in a city about an hour away. If they were able to pay him enough, he could commute and we could continue to live in this community. He went through the lengthy interview process but in the end (after they ended up offering him the job...3 times) he felt like it would not be a good place for him.
During all this, the word got out that he was looking for a job and his boss had told him that she would really, really like to see him stay. In a truly surprising and amazing turn of events the hospital he is at made him a remarkable offer. They were willing to create a new management position for him that would go along with a hefty raise. He would continue to do echo's and many of the other management type things he is already doing, but would take on more responsibility for his department along with another department. They are going to support him in cross-training and maybe even some continuing education.
After some soul searching, we were both able to welcome this amazing opportunity and as of Monday, Bruce is now the Chief Echocardiographer. All of his hard work, dedication to patients and excellent performance has paid of for him, for us, Big Time. He feels very recognized and was very eager to begin this new challenge.
Sooooo, we will be here, right here, for a while and we are thrilled.


MountainWave said…
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So so so proud of him and happy for the family. Lovin' those roots thickening and deepening in a place where there is starting to be a tribe of friends. Love you guys.
4cheeseheads said…
AWESOME! That is a wonderful announcement. Way to go Bruce!! Bruce, you are doing an amazing job. Love your new title - CHIEF. Happy to hear you are excited to stay in Madisonville and continue with the strong friendships you are all making. I'll let Chris know we can plan a summer trip to KY next year.
Anonymous said…
Supremely happy for you all!!!
joven said…
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