Daily Practice

OK, this post has nothing to do with Lottie, but I had to post this super duper cute picture!

I have become convinced that I need to develop a daily practice in my life that I am willing and able to commit to. By daily practice I mean a 20 -30 min block of time I spend each day, alone, that's only purpose is to enrich my soul. With Lucy down to only one nap a day and the welcoming of Lottie into our home, time is once again a precious commodity during the day. Laundry, house work, gardening, sewing projects, blogging and correspondence all fight for that hour and a half of nap time each day. Lately, I have felt so overwhelmed that I end up wasting it cruising the Internet, watching garbage t.v. or getting lost in a book. I think this is because I am not taking the time I need to each day to become centered, to BE. I think a daily practice would help keep me focused on each moment, on the big picture, on my priorities for each day. So here is my question for you today, and I REALLY REALLY hope you comment (you know who you are, lurkers!!!!!) - what kinds of things do you feel help you to be centered each day? If it is reading a certain book, what book? If it is listening to a mediation, what meditation? If it is a specific practice or ritual, give me the details. I would love to hear your creative ideas!!! Feel free to comment anonymously if it is something personal. And if you, like me, need to carve out this time each day for yourself and are ready to make that plunge now, let me know. Maybe we can encourage each other, maybe we can share techniques that are working or not working. Anyways, I hope to hear from you all here, on FB, or by e-mail if you have some ideas that might help and inspire me.
Lots of Love to you. May we all be healthy, happy, safe and live with ease today.


Comment from a lurker; I am using a book that outlines a spiritual path and going slowly through it start to finish and using a journal to mark my progress. I've attempted journaling in the past without success, but with my reference material I even use it to look up definitions and write them down to give me focus on what that word really means as far as the path I'm on. Words like Perfectionism.
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