What an adventure!!

Sooooo, I severely sprained my arm when i slipped and fell in some mud while camping. But, the show must go on and we headed straight back to the campground from the ER. It ended up being a great weekend, all things considered. it is pretty hard to type one handed so i may be just posting photos for a while! Take care y'all!
Big Love to you!


4cheeseheads said…
christi - that poor arm of yours. you don't have use of your fingers? that will make things difficult. how long will it take to heal? i'm feeling so bad for you right now. but very impressed you held it together for your family and continued with the camping weekend. amazing mom!
MountainWave said…
You are the world's best mom ever to go from e.r. BACK to the campground for another few days of camping. Sister.....respect.

Lovin' these pics.