Another week of fun and adventure.

I think we MAYBE have had 10 days this whole summer without some planned activity...and that doesn't include the necessary errands that make the world go round. This week has been no exception! This week is the finale to the summer reading program through our public library. We are even double dipping, seeing as I have two, each enrolled into different programs, they are both attending each other's events. On Monday we attended a water crafts event where Griffin made his own bubbles, a contained tornado, and some bizarre substance that is sometimes solid sometimes liquid. I think the Goo part was his favorite. On Tuesday we skipped library activities because the theatre was showing one of our favorite movies, Curious George, for free so we HAD to go! On Wednesday we attended a Pirate Party to celebrate for the 1-4 yrs olds. Of course, Griffin got in on that action. I pulled from some random miss match of dress up clothes and old Halloween costumes and we came up with this. They had so much fun pulling the outfits together. Miss Angel had an awesome pirate ship and her summer interns put on an adorable pirate puppet show. After pirate snacks (shark cupcakes and fruit, of course!) the kids received all kinds of prizes for completing the program. Lucy read enough that she earned a stuffed animal, a new book, a bag of treats and a certificate. She was so proud of herself, she just marched right up there when it was her turn.
Then yesterday, there as the Silly Olympics for the grade school set. Griffin loved being wrapped up like a mummy by a new friend.

And of course he loved the water games. He was a sure winner at the game where there was a huge bucket of water with marbles and they had to get out ten marbles with their toes. This is a hereditary skill from my side of the family and he has a real gift! HA HA He also loved the ping pong ball pool which just became a free for all, splashing pool.
Another favorite...drip, drip, drench (duck, duck, goose.)

The highlight for all the kids was a few trips down this awesome water slide!

But, the real topper of the day was the water balloon fight. Griffin had never participated in a water balloon fight and he was filled with shock and awe that such an activity was actually being encouraged! He stood around with 2 water balloons in his hands for the first 30 seconds and then BAM he got it and off he went. Even Miss Angel and her interns joined in and they had an absolute BLAST!
Tonight we are attending the finale for the grade school kids. There is going to be an hour of children's entertainment followed by prizes. While all these activities this week have been so so fun, the best part is about this reading program has been it's ability to get all these kids to read more. Many times this summer Griffin would ask me to read him something or sit down on his own to read a book just so he would be able to mark down one more book for the program. Thanks you Miss Angel and the supporting library staff!!!!


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