LBTL National Recreation Area Camping

We had a really great weekend. We were in dire need of some family fun, just the four of us. We have a had an amazing summer thus far, filled with friends and family but once in a while it is good for just the 4 of us to get back to basics and check in with one another. We headed out to Energy Lake campground in LBTL, site B 4. It was a GREAT spot. Private and quiet yet an easy walk to the well and the bathroom....I totally recommend it! The only downfall was the gravel, but all the sites at that campground had the same thing. This photo, the one where they are clean and being helpful, that was taken a few minutes after we arrived. The wee ones were surprisingly gung ho about helping set up camp. It was around 5 when we got there on Friday, so the evening was consumed with starting a fire, cooking dinner on said fire, and setting up camp. Y'all know I like to keep things organized and there had to be a place for everything...even when camping.

The next morning, the kids actually slept in a little, so we had a pretty pleasant start to the day. I usually cook breakfast on the Coleman stove, we do lunch together (cold things) and Bruce cooks dinner on the open fire.

Lucy and Griffin spent most of their down time playing with Lottie....she is the best gift we have EVER given either of them!

Then we packed up and headed out to a hidden spot on Energy lake, near the campground. We were looking for a good place to let Lottie try swimming for the first time. We had a tip about a spot at the end of a somewhat gnarly dirt road. I felt like we were IN a Subaru commercial, really testing out our Legacy's off-road capabilities! We were greeted by these mating butterflies...they even flew around connected like that. What a thrill that must be!

So Lottie got to go swimming and be off-leash for the first time ever. It took her about 30 seconds to have her genetics kick in and have her swimming out on her own. I loved it for her. She was so visibly stoked. It also brought back a FLOOD of very sacred Sunshine memories for me. It was a good thing. I honor the past, I live in the moment.

Griffin loved throwing sticks for Lottie to bring back. Each time they got a little bigger until finally he was throwing in logs. She was the little puppy that could, doing her best to haul it all back to him.
I am going to be looking for a place here in Madisonville to take her swimming. She was so loving the water AND she was sooooo chilled out for the rest of the day!
Unfortunately for us, the shore there was so rocky and sharp, it was really hard to get much enjoyment out of it for us humans. I HATE those ugly water shoes but I am definitely going to cave and buy us each a pair to wear there next summer. It was a problem all weekend. We ended going back to the campground's "beach" and which was also sand-less but at least the sharpest rocks had been removed. The kids were better once we got them out into the deeper part.
After lunch I had decided that I would take a little nap with Lucy. It was pretty buggy outside of the tent but after a 1/2 hour of feeling like I was in a microwave in the tent, we decided we needed to figure out something else. We decided to head into the nearest town for an ice cream and explore the park a little bit by car. Lucy snuck in a 45 min. nap and we discovered and even better swimming spot for the next day.

That night we cooked brats on the grill and we tried a new camping recipe...Mac n' Cheese. It was soooo good and the kids loved making up their own bowls.

Some sparklers and s'mores ended the night and we were VERY happy to put two tired happy kids to bed. Bruce and I love to sit up and enjoy the quiet (which was actually a very LOUD cicada symphony), the fire and perhaps an adult beverage or four! ;)


MountainWave said…
Looks like you guys had an amazing weekend. I'm so glad. And SUPER EXCITED about Lottie's off-leash time. Fantastic!! Hopefully she'll get a lot more of that in a few weeks!