Gone Fishin'

We just had an amazing visit from Sara and Leo. We enjoyed plenty of adult time at night, but during the day the kids took full advantage. I was so impressed and thankful for the way Sara and Leo put the time and attention and love into really connecting with our kids.
Griffin recruited Uncle Leo into MANY sessions of Star Wars on the wii. When not playing wii, Griffin thought Uncle Leo was his personal jungle gym! He could not get enough of having his Auntie and Uncle around and started crying on Wednesday and the IDEA of them leaving the next day.
Lucy kept ASKING (I know, amazing, right?!?!) Auntie Sara to play in her room with her. In fact, when they left yesterday she was so tore up about it. She wouldn't look at them or hug them when they were getting in the car. As they pulled out she started crying so hard she couldn't breathe, she totally fell apart. She really LOVES them. It is sweet to see!

Now I am trying to throw things together for a four day camping trip. We are headed to the LBTL national park for camping, hiking, swimming, fishing and fireworks. Really looking forward for time to unplug and just enjoy our surroundings and each other.
Hope y'all have a wonderful holiday weekend! May you have health, happiness, safety and ease in living. I'll catch ya' on the flip side.


MountainWave said…
awwwwwwww. good memories. we are finally back home and pictures are uploading. i'll try to get a few pictures up on our blog of our trip to KY. we had SUCH an wonderful visit. Connecting with the kiddos and the grown ups. Loved every second of it and looking really really forward to seeing you guys again in a few weeks. So thankful about that.

Thanks for having us. Thanks for letting us sleep in your room Griffin. Hi to Zed. Hugs all around. We love you!!