Dance baby, Dance!

Let's talk about something Lucy does like...DANCE class!  I was hopping to put her into soccer this year but she was having none of that, but for some reason she thought she could try dance class.  I was sooooo excited.  I took dance as a kids and I have had visions of tutus every since we found out Lucy was going to be a girl!    We found a great and casual dance school near by and Lucy started taking a class once a week with Ms. Jana. 
I had decided to wait a month before buying all the "gear" she would need, but each week Lucygot more creative with what she was wearing to class, including her tutu!!!  It really helps her that her two best girlfriends, Carlie and Ava are taking the class with her. 
It is soooo cute to watch them "dance" and of course, they love getting stickers at the end!  Here is a little video to give you an idea of what she's doing.  Isn't the building gorgeous!?!