That's me these soccer Mama.  A couple of weeks ago, Griffin had his good buddy spend the night and we took them to the soccer practice the next morning.  I couldn't resist getting some shots of them in their (coincidentally) matching outfits.
 Fierce! Sometimes you can totally see the warrior memory in these young ones.   
 For dinner we decided to let them make their own pizzas.  They had a blast doing it...from helping roll out the dough to heaping on the toppings.  It's so fun to have older kids now that can get more involved in family projects!  It was important to me that Jacob had a great time and felt super comfortable at our house, as this was the first sleep over Griffin has hosted and I think Jacob's first at a non-family member's home. 
I think the boys did have a great time.  Looking forward to bringing both the kids friends over more often as they get bigger. 


MountainWave said…
Precious!! I love the last picture :) That KID ENERGY :)