Lucy starts pre-school

Miss Lulu had her first week of pre-school last week. It was only for 2 days though (a normal week will be 4 days) because of a training day and P/T conferences. The first day went OK, actually better for her than for me. She got a little teary as we were saying goodbye but went right inside with the teacher (who later told me she cried for about 20 minutes)....I on the other hand sobbed for an hour. Day 2 was a little worse. Lucy was on to us and knew what was coming. The minute her teacher came out to get her she became a little monkey. She had to literally be pulled off me, although I think she took a handful of my hair with her, all while shrieking "NONONNOOOO!". That morning really really sucked for Mama.

Today was day 3. We cried and whined about not wanting to go to school but stopped crying by the time we got there. She went inside relatively easily and the teacher said she had a great day right from the start. Hmmmm, I am hoping we are making progress....not sure I have much stamina to endure her crying every morning. On the good side though, Lucy talks about all the fun things she did at school and seems like she is really enjoying it while she is there.

Ahhhh, transitions...easier for some than others. I'll keep you updated as we travel this road!


Nancy said…
Ahhhh, makes my chest ache just hearing about it! Milestones are sad and happy both, yes? Hang in there. Looking forward to hearing more about the transition for both of you!
MountainWave said…
Sending stoke to your Mama Tiger, fierce and protective energy, and stoke to your tender Mama G energy, and stoke to your strong woman energy, all of which soooo blesses everything and everyone you are present to. And good vibes to Lucy too, confidence waves, "stepping-out" waves, courageous and strong girl waves. I love you both~