Happy Valentine's Day, My Loves

For Christmas Bruce bought me an awesome book I had been wanting that was filled with tips and designs for hand embroidery.  This is something I love doing but drawing is not a skill I possess so having this book of examples is soooo fun for me!!
Of course, I was then eager to begin a project to use some of these designs.  Usually when I sew, I start with some sort of tutorial or pattern as inspiration or a leaping off point but happily, this project is all my own.  I decided to attempt to make an interpretation of old fashioned fabric valentines.  I have been working on my sewing skills enough for the past few years that I actually have some project construction knowledge locked up in that wee brain of mine!

So, I had a bunch of muslin left over from some Christmas projects that I traced a heart design onto (the heart I got by adjusting some clip art to my desired size.)  I then cut out the 2 pieces of muslin and a piece of quilt batting.  I traced the design on one of the muslin pieces and embroidered it using some new stitches I learned from the book.  Then is was a simple process to sew the 3 pieces together with a ribbon loop in the middle.  I was really happy with how they looked when finished and pressed although still thinking they lacked something.  I decided to use a coordinating color thread to sew a basic (even rustic) type pattern around the edge.  Finally I was satisfied!!!  I love the way they turned out, definitely homemade but with much love. 
I had hoped to make about 10 more of them but after my grueling Christmas crafting fiasco I let go of the need to have a quantity goal for this project.  I ended up sending them all out to loveys that live far away, and figure a different set of loveys will get theirs next year!  I certainly had a ton of fun making them, figuring out what design fit what person, which colors would look best, etc. 
Those completed, I am enjoying celebrating the love in our little family today.  The kids each had a little present to open this morning, a special breakfast (they were totally into their nutella toast cut into a heart and SPRINKLES!) and were eager to take their Valentine's to their pals at school.  Hope you are all able to spend the day loving those around you and letting them love on you!


MountainWave said…
thank you so much for the love you spread to us here on the Cape. PRECIOUS LITTLE VALENTINE LETTER to unkle leo that had us all smiling and the heart of your hands. Peace and hugs to you all. xoxo S&L
C. Michele said…
You are way, way, way more awesome than I am.

Haha. I actually wrote a blog post about how I didn't cut my toast into hearts.