This weekend was a blast! Hilary was super sweet and came over to watch the kids on Friday night so Bruce and I could go on a date. We went to see a movie and stopped at a restaurant on the way home. It was so nice to have some alone time. Then on Saturday night we headed as a family over to the Solice's home to watch An Idiot Abroad an say a final ( for now) goodbye to Holly. Definitely bittersweet. Love the cake they got her though! :)
Then on Sunday we hosted the 2nd annual Gasthaus Super Bowl spectacular. So fun! Bruce knocked himself out making an amazing meal...pork loin stuffed with lemon prosciutto and chives, Mac n chz (closest thing to the Unions that I've ever had), thyme carrots, spicy garlic broccoli. Add two incredible homemade cheesecakes by Rhian, delish buffalo chicken dip by Hilary and it was quite a feast! SO so fun. We even broke out the amazing cherry wine by Good Harbor that we bought when we were in Leelanau this summer. It was even better than I remembered.


MountainWave said…
Sooooo fun!! I'm impressed Bruce!!