On Wednesday I received a message from a friend reminding me that the theme at that afternoon's story hour was "Masquerade Ball". UH OH.....
Griffin was already dressed up at Supersonic Boy, so no problem there, but nothing for Lucy...what to do?? Luckily, I had bought some tulle awhile back, planning to make her a tutu to celebrate her walking. I found this tutorial and off I went.

She looked sooooo cute and I think she even liked it!


4cheeseheads said…
Very adorable. Just a prima ballerina. I am impressed that you made it so quickly. Nice job and it fit the theme perfectly.

What a mess in your house from the water damage. I'm so sorry that happened while vacationing with us. Are you getting insurance to help pay for damages.

On the bright side Supersonic Boy looks like he's having a blast!
Mama Gast said…
It looks like the insurance will cover most of it (minus the deductable of course.) but we are still waiting for the final word. Hopefully we will know soon so we can get things going!!