May and June quilt block swap

This one was fun to do for two reasons. First, we could use any pattern we wanted to and second, any fabric in the pink and purple family. I did the same pattern that I was doing that month for my local quilting club and I was able to use fabric from my stash.

This block was super hard for me, a real challenge. I love the way it turned out though! This month the pattern, Snail's Trail, was provided and the requested color was blue.

A couple of month's ago, Bruce staged a quilt block intervention for me. I have been making quilt blocks for a year and a half now and still don't have a finished quilt to show for it!!! He is so right, time to get to it. I am now working hard on putting together the blocks from last years swap, theme "travel", for Griffin's bed. I actually have to make 7 more blocks to have enough for a full quilt so it won't happen overnight, but I am hoping to have it done for winter!