Shame on You!

I don't want y'all to think that once my guy got to the White House that I stopped caring at politics. Far from it, in fact. Bruce and I are more than ever energized and interested about what is happening in this country of ours. So today, I just want to share a few words that are laying heavy on my heart. To those politicians who are going around the media circuit explaining that they cannot begin to make a decision on the President's health care bill because it is too much information, too fast, that they are just not ready to "rush into" anything.
I have been interested in politics since the early 90's and since that time health care has been a huge issue and I am sure it was for decades before that. Health care reform is an issue that has been discussed, written about, debated and a platform that many have run on. If you are not prepared to tackle this issue, than I believe you are letting your constituents and country down and you are not living up to the responsibilities held by your office.
Get yourself ready!!! You don't have to agree with the President's plan completely, in fact, I would hope that there are lots of different ideas and approaches on the table. Many different perspectives will make this plan all the stronger. But standing around, wasting more time, playing political games, trying to use this issue to "break" the President are not OK. I will not sit by and listen to you spew this crap without responding. This issue is too important. I have friends that have to stop financially contributing to the care of their elderly parents due to rising premiums for their own health care. I knew a man who was denied care in a particular hospital for a critical disease because that hospital was not "in-network". I myself went 3 years without health insurance, because Bruce and I were both working part-time (when Bruce went back to school) and could not afford to buy insurance on our own. During that time I was bitten by a brown recluse spider and we had to look to our parents to help us pay the exorbitant doctor and prescription costs. I have a friend who is a nurse who can tell you the saddest stories from the ER of those who are not able to afford health care. This is literally a life and death situation for many Americans and something must be done!!!
OK, I feel better now. Thanks for listening to my rant. I would love to hear what you think.


Anonymous said…
PLEASE, PLEASE send this editorial to your newspapers, your representatives in Congress/Senate...the ones in Michigan too! It is really horrifying what's going on in the name of politics! Thanks for sharing you thoughts! Mom
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