Lottie Update

Oh man, we are soooo in love.  This little puppy has been a great thing for our family.  She is sweeeeeet! 
The kids are loving her.  Lucy loves to hold her in her lap and hand feed her every meal.   Lottie sometimes confuses a running and screaming with delight Lucy for a very fun toy she needs to catch.  I have had to make it clear to Lottie that she can't chase or jump on Lulu.   These are good lessons for her to learn at her tender age. 
Griffin loves to sit and hold Lottie, giving her a lot of love.  He is learning good ways of playing with her and we are teaching him how to claim his space so he too does not become a chew toy in her eyes. 
She is super young, only 5 weeks old last Wednesday, so I wanted to have her checked out by the vet right away.  Besides the typical intestinal worms that most puppies have, she had a clean bill of health.  She needs two doses of medicine and the worms will be history too.  She weighed in at a whopping 7.3 lbs!  Although she is tiny now, the vet predicted she is going to grow into a good size dog...time will tell.   The first night we had her home we (o.k., mostly I)  had to take her out at 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 3:30 and 5:30...yeah, I was exhausted on Thursday!  Unfortunately when I got her out of her crate at 6:20 that morning I thought maybe she would have a little breakfast before she would need to go out again - WRONG!  After a minute of whining at me, she tinkled on the bathroom floor.  I have learned from my mistake though, and we have not had any other accidents since.  As long as I stay really attune to her, she is happy to be potty training.   The last two nights she has slept straight through the night - such an incredible suprise blessing.  I had really thought it would take a week or two for that to happen!  She is easily redirectable, already recognizing her name and the command "come".  We are working everyday on getting comfortable on the leash and "sit" command and she enjoys our training sessions.  She is ok about sleeping in her crate, although I know she would prefer to nest on a pile of discarded clothes.   She has moments of super high energy but has only shown that outside at appropriate play times.  I just cannot say enough great things about her.  Lucky you, blog readers **wink,wink***! 
This is Lottie on the left with her brother, Lucky.  Lucky is now the pet of our friends, the Dorobas who live only 3 blocks away!!   Griffin and Logan are so excited to share this connection and Lisa and I are looking forward to many sunny afternoons watching our kids and dogs wear each other out!!
Super cute, yes?!?!  So life is suuuuuppppeeer full and wonderful right now, but also BUSY!  Forgive me for less blog postings for a while as I figure out balance with this new wonderful furry lovely friend to add into the mix. 


MountainWave said…
Lottie couldn't be any stinkin' cuter! LOVING THESE PICTURES. So happy for you guys :)
Great Blog , gives off a good clean feeling of love and peace...Thanks