Step back...Easter

I am realizing as I am editing my photos, that none of our Spring Break photos has made it hear, just in case ANYONE feels cheated that they didn't see my kids with Easter you go!
We attended an Easter egg hunt at the capitol building in downtown Lansing, MI (the morning of the big final 4 MSU game...there was much home town support evident and Sparty even showed up.)  Then on Easter morning we hid eggs in the Moms' yard.  That was definitly the kids many eggs, all for them.  Little did they know I filled a lot of them with raisins and plastic balls!!  Just have to curb the sugar intake where you can. 


Anonymous said…
Great pictures!
Tracy said…
Hi~just thought I'd drop in and say a friendly hello ;o}

I noticed you are from Madisonville, family is from Mayfield and that is where I grew up. I'm not sure how far that is from where you are...but it's still neat to find a blog from my home state ;o} (I'm in TN now)

Anyway~just wanted to say hi!