A quick visit with Uncle Erik

Much to our utter suprise and delight my brutha, Erik, had a 18 hour lay-over in Lansing while we were there.  It had been a llloooonnnggg time since I had the opportunity to hang with him and it was so great to see him. 
It was fun for me to see my kids getting to know him...hopefully fun for him too!  :)  I know it was exhausting.  Griffin was hell bent on having his Uncle E play ALL the sports with him...basically all at the same time. 
Griffin and Erik were able to bond on their shared love of Star Wars.  Here, Griffin is paying homage to Yoda....for those of you who have known Erik a long time - YES,  THAT Yoda.
Good times, very good times.


MountainWave said…
Mmmmmm. I lllloooovvvveee this post :) Big smile. That last picture is beauuuutiful :)