Lucy's Birthday Party

I am just not into the big kid/character themed, free-for-all birthday parties.  Not saying that I will avoid them entiretly, but since neither of my children have ever requested such an affair, I have luckily been able to stay clear of them.   This is my favorite kind of party....pretty decorations (mostly balloons), a close buddy or two, and a fun special outing.   Lucy loves our local indoor playscape, Fun4Kids, so we invited her best friend and family to meet us there for a couple hours of playtime. 
Of course, Lucy and  Carlie made a beeline for the ball pit - their very favorite thing to do there.
For some of the time, they were lucky enough to be the only kids there, and Lucy was able to be soooo BRAVE, exploring terrotories she had previously only dreamed of. 
The boys were very excited to have playtime together also.  Here they are being dinosaurs...or should I say DINOSAURS.  We all stayed for pizza (a favorite of Lucy's) and wings and then headed back to our house. 
We were hardly in the door before the girls were into Lucy's room and the boys firmly ensconced in Griffin's room - so cute to see them forming such great friendships. 
Lucy was not sure about the whole candle  and singing thing, but she got the hang of it when she was finally allowed to chowdown on her cupcake. 
Overall, such a perfect evening for our little one.  She felt comfortable and special and so I call it a success.  We are so thankful to have such good friends in the Harralsons and their eagerness to celebrate with us.  This is Jonathan and Mandy.
Papa and his baby girl.  She is becoming more of a Papa's Girl everyday!
And one of her favorite presents, a throne of her very own.