Happy Birthday Moms!!

The Moms' both have a super big birthdays this week....ends in an 0, if you know what I mean. With so much love and honor and respect we wanted to show them, Jessica and I decided to collaborate on making this throw quilt for them. I pieced the front of the quilt. I used a pattern called "Tokyo Subway Map". I started working on it in August. It was hard not to talk about it at the time, it was so consuming. It has 986 2" squares in it. I finished the top by November and and shipped it to Jessica in the beginning of December. Jessica then worked her magic, hand quilting THE WHOLE THING. Each subway line is quilted in the same color, making the back super interesting against the dark fabric. She also embroidered a message and bound the whole thing. I really love the way it turned out!!

This quilt has so much meaning for me. Not only as a gift, but it was such a cool project to work with my sister on! I can totally see us doing more things like this in the future...it's such a great way to connect while living so far apart.

I also appreciate so much that the pattern honors something so iconic in Japan, after what a horrific year that country has endured and is enduring. Of course, I had no idea of this meaning when I picked the pattern.

Finally I love the pattern for it's symbolism. The Moms' house on the Cape is and will be a place that our family will come to connect, to cross paths. We all are so independent, walking our own paths, but confident and safe knowing the tribe will be bound together no matter where we are. I love the representation of all the different colored lines being so fluid, so intersecting.

So, I wish you, Mom and Dikke, many more years of adventures together, of living on your growing edge, of paths crossing, of nights snugging in your dream house under a quilt your daughters made for you with so much love.


C. Michele said…
I've been waiting for this post! It turned out so pretty! What great sister teamwork! What lucky ladies to have daughters with such beautiful hearts!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday you foxy ladies!

Celebrate your amazing lives, your amazing accomplishments, and your amazing family!

We love you!

Gabriella, Dean and Jessica
Christina said…
We were so surprised and absolutely thrilled with this gift!!! The love, creativity, symbolism, HARD WORK, and collaboration that went in to making it touches us deeply! It will always be a family heirloom! We'll send a picture of us wrapped up in it soon!! Love, the Moms
Hilary said…
Christi, this post made me cry. No joke.