Having a blast at CMOE

Lucy is having the best birthday week EVER! On Wednesday, the playgroup decided to have an adventure and we gathered up the carpool and headed to the CMOE museum.
We all had a blast, the Moms as much (or even a little more) than the kids. I mean who wouldn't have fun with 5 amazing, smart, healthy, kind, fun 3 year olds!!
There was so much to see and do there, and we had enough time to let everyone explore each area as long as they wanted. Curiously, their attention spans were very similar and they were all ready to move on at the same time.
I love seeing their unique personalities and all their individual little friendships forming.

This post is picture heavy, but as I was the designated photo maker, this is the best of the 180 photos I made that day.

They had a room with a stage, loud music and a bunch of chairs. It took these 3 about 10 seconds to figure out what to do....Lucy and Myles are a tad bit more reserved, but they joined them on stage about a minute later.
I think the Moms had more fun playing in the ball room than the kids did...after a kindly Grandpa showed us how to work it!

OH Man, fun with face paint! Got to get a set of these to add to our dress-up bin!!!

They loved acting out little Red Riding Hood, although, we all got a titch freaked out when we realized there were cameras from the local news filming us. Unfortuanely, our kids did not make the segment that night.

Lucy LOVED the water room!! Can't wait to pull out the water toys in the backyard when it warms up. We feel so blessed to have this wonderful playgroup to do things with!


Frances said…
CMOE simply spells FUN for children and adults alike.