We will try again next year.

I usually try to keep it positive on the blog, but we've had a really hard weekend. No Easter pictures to post, no real Easter celebration happened here. It really was kind of a spiral that got bigger as the weekend went on. It started last Thursday when Lucy and Lottie busted through the back door and broke the screen. Then on Friday, in preparation for a weekend spent putting the new bamboo floors in the back room, we moved the washer/dryer into the middle of the kitchen. All the while, it has been raining hard for DAYS!!! Everything is wet, muddy foot prints and paw prints are becoming inescapable. We've had tornado watches and warnings almost every day for a week now. On Saturday we woke up to our basement being flooded and the pilot light out on the water heater - this is an especially big bummer because this happened a week ago and we spent a lot of money to have it fixed. Bruce had to scratch his plans for floor laying to spend the day working on repairing the sump pump again. He got that working but after many miserable hours was still not able to get the pilot light started. Then yesterday, Griffin slammed the back door and broke the glass in the window AND we discovered a hole in the roof (still raining!!). It's been rough!!
There has been a few high points, I need to include for fairness. My amazing and beautiful friends Devin and Hilary came over on Saturday to hang out - an amazing distraction. These dear ladies even pretended my house was not as filthy as it was and that it is perfectly normal to have the laundry in the middle of the kitchen. They even talked me into Denny's at 2 AM. I don't think I have ever been to a restaurant at 2 AM sober before, what a trip!
On Sunday, we of course did Easter baskets and had a nice breakfast. Afterward, we packed up our stuff to take showers at Hilary's house...it felt so luxurious to be clean! I took the kids to a movie yesterday afternoon to give them a break from the house and give Bruce a break from the noise while he worked. I threw together another simple dinner and I called it a day about 8 pm with the kids. Sometimes the only thing you can do is get a good night's sleep!!
So, we will have to have a doubly nice Easter next year!! In the meantime, school was delayed an hour because of flooding, STILL RAINING. Half the floor is done, so there is hope the washer/dryer can get moved back in a few days. Plumber scheduled for this afternoon, hopefully he can get the sump pump fixed FOR REAL and the hot water flowin' again.
I am taking all this to be a sign, that our time in this home is coming quickly to an end. Old houses require so much maintenance and we need a break. For ourselves, for our family, for our marriage, we need to get into a home that puts less demands on us. As sad as I will be to leave this beautiful home, I see that it is the right decision for us. Time to start cleaning out closets, getting ready for a huge garage sale. Who knows what will come next...a new house in Madisonville? rent something in Madisonville? a big move? Ahhhh, waiting for the perfect unfolding.
Hope your Easters were much more to your liking!!


MountainWave said…
perfect unfolding...yes yes yes