Lucy's gymnastics birthday bash

Lucy had an awesome birthday party with her friends on Saturday. Unfortunately, 3 friends couldn't make it, but I think, the ones who were there had a great time.
Isn't this cake soooo cute. The lion looks exactly like the one on the napkins and plates. We were able to get it from a local woman who makes cakes in her home. It tasted delicious too.
The party was exactly what we hoped. A loose structure with the kids able to participate in activities, or not, with healthy food and lots of treats....balance.
It was hard to make any photos of the kids because they spent most of the 2 hours in motion, but I got Lucy to pause long enough to snap this one. I needed it so I can always remember that when she was little she let me make her skirts that would match the theme of the event! ;) I know that will not last forever!!

Miss Deb, the owner of the gym, was so sweet and great with the kids. She had a little obstacle course set up for them that they loved.
For sure, the adults had as much fun there as the kids. The floors were all buncy and squishy and there were so many things to do. Bruce wowed the crowd with his routine on the uneven bars. ;)
You can't see them, but Bruce and Hilary are on the balance beams here.
The gang was ready for the UK game that night!

It was a totally fun day that I hope Lucy will remember for a long time!!