Camping at Hillmans Ferry

We got to go camping AGAIN! I feel so lucky. This time we went with our amazing friends Dan and Brandy and their wee one, Myles (or Mybles if Lucy is calling him.) Myles is Lucy's best bud and he loved Griffin big time. They had an awesome time playing together all weekend.

We went to a campground in LBTL National Park. It was a beautiful campground, clean, quiet and shady (so important as it is SUPER hot and humid down here now!) We actually saw a decent amount of wildlife just at the campground. Deer, normal and albino skunks and an ARMADILLO! He was soooo cool looking. We kept thinking, it can't be and armadillo, could it? But after some asking around we found out that recently there have been many in the area.

On Saturday we drove down to the south end of the park, into TN, to the Homeplace, a working 1850's farm. It was children's day at the farm and there was so much for the kids see and do. We had such a good time despite the heat. The kids were so interested in each different activity station and especially the animals.

Such a fun time! We also had the chance to go swimming in the lake. The best though was just enjoying our family and our friends in such a relaxing way!