Cave City Camping, Part 2

First thing on Sunday morning, we headed over to Mammoth Cave National Park. Their beautiful visitors center made it so easy to figure out which tour would be right for us and to buy tickets. The Rangers stop you at the door to ask if you have been in caves within the last 5 years. There is a virus going around that is killing bats in high numbers and they are trying to prevent the spread into the caves there. I was the only one wearing the same shoes as the day before so I was the only one that had to disinfect myself. Anything to help the bats!!

You walk out of the visitors center and down a steep path through the woods. You can feel the cool air before you even see the mouth of the cave. We had chosen to take a self-guided tour. Our kids were exhausted and we weren't sure how long they would last. Especially Lucy, when her Papa is around she suddenly loses the use of her legs and needs to be carried. Hmmmmm, who's got who figured out around here?? It's too bad she is to big for any type of carrier!

Again, I had a terrible time getting decent pictures in the cave, it was just too dark. I can't tell you how HUGE it is in there though. This is a cave that is accessible to ALL, truly! It is absolutely breathtakingly amazing. You all need to put it on your bucket lists!

After we left the cave, we stopped at a "scenic overlook" to have our picnic lunch. I really can't remember the time we were all as equally relaxed as we were by the time we got here. Vacations are so goooooood for the soul!

Then is was back to the campground for more pool time, putt-putt golf and of course Lottie time. Lottie was amazing that weekend. She is such a high energy girl, we worried needlessly about her. She loved being apart of the trip, rode in the car perfectly, slept in the tent quietly while we were gone (the CLOSE neighbors didn't even realize we had a dog for a long time!) and enjoyed lots of long walks. They even had a dog park at the campground which I think is absolutely genius!!!And then, the last chance for s'mores. This time, Lucy had been playing in the leaves with Lottie so not only did she have chocolate and marshmallow all over her face, but dried leaves mixed in! YUCK! Needless to say, I had her in the tub the next day before the car was even un-packed.

I took this last photo right before we packed up to go home. The campers on one side of us had these two adorable boys that our kids loved playing with. It was so nice to have pals to amuse them while we did all that work that it takes to have a family camping.

Can't wait till the next trip.....NEXT WEEKEND!! YEAH!


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What a great time....mormor