Cave City Camping, Part 1

We had an AHHHMAZING Memorial Day weekend! We packed up the Suby and headed out to the big cave region of KY. We got Griffin out of school a bit early so that we could get to the campground with enough time to set up and build a fire to cook dinner on. Of course, we were hardly settled in when Griffin managed to get himself stuck in the cooler handle. We were tempted to leave him there, but mercy prevailed and after I snuck a photo, we helped him out. HA...even he doesn't realize how tall he is getting!!

Of course, every camping night has to include s'mores, which I suspect might be Lucy's favorite part of camping. She actually ate it pretty neatly the first night! As you will see, she got a little wilder each night.

The kids got us up pretty early on Saturday morning, so after breakfast we headed over to KY Down Under. What an awesome place, I totally recommend it. A perfect place for families with small children. They have two bird enclosures that you can go into, armed with seeds and hand feed the birds. We ALL loved this soo soo much!

We were afraid Lucy would be scared (remember her freak out at the butterfly greenhouse last year??) but she was totally into it. She was a tad jumpy so I held her hand steady and the birds were able to land.

The second house was even more intense. You hardly can walk through the doors before the birds kind attack you, it was nuts but so cool!! It reminds me why I've always wanted a pet bird.

MMMMMMhHHHH, hot hubs, I am loving his new glasses.

They also had a really amazing cave tour there. I am a titch claustrophobic and had a bad cave experience before, but this cave was the perfect blend of amazing caveness and openness. The kids were a tad nervous going in, but the wonderful kind tour guide made them feel comfortable and they were feeling like Dora and Indiana Jones by the end! We made a bunch of pictures in the cave, but not many turned out well, the lighting, I guess.
They had a pretty little path out of the caves, through the woods to this platform where you overlooked a sheep pasture with gorgeous dogs practicing herding exercises. Griffin had quite the Gatorade moustache by this point! HA!

Then we were able to go into a large enclosure with kangaroos (and a few joeys!!) and emus and actually pet them. Very cool!!!!

One of Griffin's favorite things was going to a snake and reptile show. He constantly surprised us with his knowledge of the natural sciences. He asked amazing questions and was super interested in everything. We are constantly,\ amazed and proud of the boy he is!

So then, back to the campsite for another fun family evening!

The campground we were at was more set up for RVs then tents, but it made up for it with it's amenities. They had a big pool, kiddie pool and a huge water slide that felt so good after walking around the "outback" all day! We even were able to sneak in some time at their brand new gorgeous playground before dinner.

S'mores, night two. She is such a gorgeous, silly little girl!!


Gosh, they are looking so big!!! Also, I think I need to go on family outings with you...they look like so much fun. They will really appreciate all that you and Bruce do one day when they realize that not all kids get what they have. :) Heck, I'm an adult and I'm jealous!