Birthday weekend Round-Up

So, I believe I mentioned my Ladies' Weekend, but I wanted to share some photos. What an AHHHHMAZING weekend it was! It feels so good to get away and recharge the ol' battery with a group of incredible friends.  Devin, Hilary and I all have birthdays within about 2 weeks of each other so it is a no-brainer for us to pick this time of year to celebrate together (Rhian was totally along for the ride so we will pretend her birthday is near too!).  We stayed at a hotel in downtown nice that we didn't have to drive a vehicle all weekend once we were there.  We stayed in a suite and it was so awesome to have that extra room, when the 4 of us wanted to stay together. 

We spent the weekend walking, talking, laughing, drinking and eating.  We had a great dinner the first nice at Demo's...check it out if you are in Nashville.  Good food, great service, super reasonable prices.  The rest of the night is a blur of cocktails, many bars and many new friends.  We spent the day on Saturday at the Frist cool!  We loved the show Monsters, Fairy Tales and the Genetic Imagination!  This was a sculpture there. Gives you an idea of how interesting the exhibit was.

They had a wonderful cafe there, super sunny with wonderful salads and wines.  After the museum we took time to do some shopping and of course we had to refuel ourselves with a few Kir Royals before returning to the hotel to change!!
That night we went to a fantastic little restaurant called Suzy Wong's House of Yum.  YES YUM!!! 
We are all fans of the Bravo TV show Top Chef and the owner of this restaurant was a Top Chef contestant.  It has been a desire of all of ours to go to a Top Chef restaurant so we were stoked!!  The food was incredible and the dining experience wonderful from start to finish.  They are open 'till 4 AM, yo, so there is no excuse to not hit this place next time you are in Nashville.  Trust me, order the nachos. 
After dinner we had a BLAST attending a drag show, followed by some zany cab rides and ending the evening listening to a classic rock band.  So Fun! 
We had a slow start on Sunday morning, spending what seemed like eternity but was more like an hour waiting in line at the Pancake Pantry.  I groused that "this better be the best pancake I've ever had."  And you know what, I think it was! Amazing menu, so many choices and soooo delish.  A great way to end our trip.  Although, no trip to Nashville is complete without the obligatory Trader Joe's run.  I think my kids were more happy to have their Gorilla Munch than they were to have me back! Thank you Hilary, Rhian and Devin for an amazing weekend!