Zippers? No problemo

I made myself a little clutch last week and I absolutely adore it.  I used this tutorial as a guide.  I have never put in a zipper before and now can't even figure out why not.  That was one of the easiest parts of the construction process. 

I picked fabrics that were neutral, but of course, now I want one in every color of the rainbow!

It has an awesome little divider in it that keeps my cell phone from rubbing up against my keys and lip gloss.  AND 2 little pockets for my plastic.  (Not quite sure what to do with cash, but since I usually don't have any on me it hasn't been an issue!)  

I found the hardest part of construction was getting the gathered front straight.  Here is my first attempt, you can see how it shrunk and the fusible webbing is larger.  I solved this by cutting the front gathered fabric 1/2" bigger to start and then trimmed it after fusing it.  That worked out perfect.