Taking it moment by moment

Having a puppy is an incredible excersice in mindfulness. Omar demands I live in the moment with him. It would be easy to get super overwhelmed by my now somewhat grueling schedule and demands on my energy.  I am so appreciative of this not so gentle reminder that I can BE in a space happiness and peace NOW...and Now....and now. 
Omar is soooo sweet.  Sometimes he is the cuddliest little buddy and others, a crazy chewing (major teething happening) tazmanian devil.  And always, always, on the brink of peeing!  The potty training is going great, mostly because anytime he is awake he is being carefully monitored and we take him out about 75 times a day.  Soooo glad the weather is warm, as it makes it easier for me to get out of bed at 3 AM to take Omar out.   He loves the kids and Lottie and super cute bonding moments are happening all the time.  When we can't watch him, he lives in a pack n' play!  So funny!  This was at the breeder's suggestion and is working out great.  He has a bed on one side and newspaper on the other (he was paper trained when we got him.)  Once he is able to hold his bladder for longer periods we plan to switch him to a crate.  Getting him to eat seems to be the hardest part.  I am used to labradors...put food anywhere in their vacinity and they inhale it.  Not this little guy!  We have to moisten his food and then hand feed him a few morsels to HOPEFULLY kickstart his appetite and then he starts to eat on his own.  Crazy! 

Omar is the perfect LAST addition to our little family.  I am enjoying all these sweet puppy moments, learning from my children that the days are long but the years are so short.   Embracing the happiness and peace in this moment. 


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