A great day!

Lucy had a great day yesterday!  I brought fruit and cupcakes into her classroom in the morning and they all sang her Happy Birthday and enjoyed their snack.  Then we went straight to her favorite restaurant to meet up with 3 of her good friends for a birthday lunch....cheese dip and chips, her pick (no big surprise there!)  Then we all headed over to the library for story hour, to meet up with more friends and of course, they sang her Happy Birthday too. 

When Papa got home he had a dozen roses for his baby girl (such a sweet tradition) and she absolutely LOVED them.  After her birthday dinner (carbonera...I am so SICK of this meal but the kids love it, so what is a Mama to do?) and cake and ice cream she opened her presents.  She loved it all but I think her Kimochi Cat was the favorite!  (Thanks, Lexi and Jessica for the Cat and extra emotions!)  Her grandparents sent her money to be put toward a trip to the TN aquarium in Chatanooga...love experiences over toys! 
We ended the night with phone and Skype calls with the family...I cannot even tell you how loopy our kids were by then!!!  I read her Dr. Seuss Birthday book, as I do every year, before bed.  A great great day filled with lots of great friends, great memories and great traditions.   Now it is full steam ahead to prepare for her friend party on Saturday.