Driveway Paint

Do you Pin?? I was HUGELY reluctant to join pinterest, and waited about a year but finally gave in when...oh well, best just to admit it, everyone else was doing it. I have been super happy I did join though, as I have found a ton of great artists, recipes, tutorials and kids activities through the sight.

This is one such activity.  It is super easy...mix cornstarch and water and food coloring (I used gel dyes that were starting to get a little too thick to use in frosting anymore...waste not, want not.) 
The kiddos, especially Lucy, LOVED this project.  Sooo much so that she asked me to make it up again when her buddies, the Solice girls were coming over to play. 
I love the designs left behind on the driveway, and rest assured all traces washed away with the first heavy rain.  (We have an asphalt driveway, not sure if it would stain a lighter color driveway.) 
A super fun, super cheap summer activity.


Jessica Amor said…
Love it! totally going to steal this idea. :)