Griffin's Birthday Week....

It has begun, the celebration of my eldest turning 8 next Tuesday!!!  WHAT?  HOW?  Wasn't it yesterday that I was wearing the green robe, ready to receive my diploma from MSU?  Wasn't it yesterday that I backpacking through Europe, looking for the next big sight/cold beer/new friend?  Wasn't it yesterday when I met that awesome dude, Bruce, who was sweeping me off my feet?  Wasn't it yesterday when we were in the O.R. and the Dr. turned to us and said, "It's a BOY!" 
What a journey!  We are celebrating Griffin in many ways this year.  The first is a sleepover with one of his best friends, Jacob.  We gave the boys a choice of many activities, but they wanted to stay home and play Pokemon all night.  We talked them into joining us for an ice cream after dinner.  ;) 
Over heard last night: 
G: Jacob, you are the best friend EVER!
J: You are mine too!
Love this meeting of compatable ENERGY!