Last Day of Second Grade

Griffin is going to get the best birthday present will be the first day of summer vacation! As excited as he is for it to be over, it has to be said that he has had a remarkable year.  I feel a lot of that is due to his excellent teacher, Mr. Thomas. 

Mr. Thomas is a kind and engaging teacher.  His ability to to grow his students knowledge and confidence is evident in Griffin's much improved standardized test scores, his increased zest for information and his excitement to go to school each day.

Although the kids had a blast in this classroom, there was a lot of serious learning going on, even in their down time.  I don't believe the TV was ever turned on except for serious educational videos (such a change from our experience years past.)  The students became a large group of friends that enjoyed and respected one another without those cliques that plague other classrooms.  We really could not be more thankful for this wonderful teacher and amazing group of students and the wonderful impact they had on Griffin.