Summer Fun

Mango, Melon, Orange, Peach, Berry

My kids LOVE my homemade smoothie pops!  It is a great low-cal, nutritious alternative to all those sugar laden treats that abound this time of year!  We have smoothies for breakfast a least twice a week. After breakfast I pour the leftover into ice cube trays and throw it into the freezer. 30 minutes later (I have to set a timer for this or I will never remember it!)  I insert Popsicle sticks (found in the craft isle of Walmart) into the more firm cubes. A few hours later, VOILA, frozen treats.  I often buy frozen fruit specifically with smoothies in mind, but I also freeze the last few pieces of the omnipresent fruit salad that I always keep in the fridge.  I don't mind buying a huge variety of fresh fruit to have on hand when I know that I can always freeze it for smoothies if we aren't able to eat it quickly enough.  YUMMMMY and Healthy - a winner!