Griffin's birthday - in picture

I promised some family members that I would document Griffin's birthday well and post lots of photos. Soooo....for those that are not founding members of the G3 fan club, you may want to skip this post. :)
Of course, he woke up in a great mood and came bounding into my bedroom crooning, "Is there any room for me?" The first thing he wanted to do was have some snuggles with his baby sister and she was happy to oblige him.

Then he was ready for breakfast, his choice of course: scrambled eggs, OJ and many many sausage pinwheels (I had made them earlier in the week and frozen them in anticipation of this request.)
He spent the morning playing with his Mr. Potato Head (he still loves that Auntie Kelly!) and watched a couple Nick Jr. shows. Then we packed it up and headed to the "pizza parlour" (Pizza Hut) so he could eat all the pizza toppings he possibly could and I didn't make him eat any crust! Our sweet new friends Kim and Emma met us there. We had such a great time giggling and talking I didn't take any decent photos, but trust me, Griffin had an awesome time. We came home, threw Lucy in the wrap and a leash on Sunshine and went for a long walk - Griffin got to be the guide and decide which way to go. When we got back I enforced my only rule of the day and had him lay down for a while. This gave me a much needed moment to decorate the birthday cake and for Bruce to get the presents picked up. When he got up, he received a big birthday present from us.

Meet the newest member of our family, Zed. (Named after a character in his favorite book of the moment, "One fish, Two fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish", not the shady Pulp Fiction character!) He is a Bearded Dragon, native to the desert regions of Australia.

After about an hour of watching Zed watch him, and the consumption of a cricket or two, it was time for his next present......a big boy bike! Thanks Gran and MorMor. He had a little trouble getting it going but I think he will get the hang of it before long.

Then it was time for his dinner, his choice remember, hot dogs, rice pilaf and cauliflower. He was so excited to get to his cake that he had a hard time eating anything.

Happy Birthday to YOUUUUU!!!!

The orange frosting was his request too!

This is how Lucy was most of the evening, she slept through the whole thing and we got to focus totally on Griffin.

So, about 2 months ago, Griffin was talking on the phone to his Auntie Lexi. He was telling her about his knights and his need of a castle. She casually mentioned that she would get him one for his birthday. Little did she know that he would hang onto that idea like a pit bull on a steak . He would tell me a couple of times a week, "Auntie Lexi is getting me a castle for my birthday." Every time she talked to him, he would ask about it. He even told my Mom about it when she was staying with us. So, as any great Auntie would do, she lived up to her promise and take a look at his response:

That was it, he had what he wanted, all other presents were totally ignored and the playing began. He has hardly left it alone since.
It really was the perfect unforgettable day for him, score one for Mama and Papa!
Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes!!