Beautiful Birthday

When Lucy went down for her morning nap yesterday, this was just a regular dining/crafting room...but when she woke up - WOW. Not only were there balloons,
but Papa bought his baby girl beautiful roses for her birthday.

Grandpa and Grandma Huggins had arrived....
and she was very interested in these little lovelies (not as interested as her big brother, mind you!) We let her open her present from Auntie Lexi first because I happened to know that it was a pair of adorable white shoes that she should wear immediately! I had bought her a furry birthday crown to wear, that only lasted for a minute. Oh well, we will try again next year - I really can't blame her for thinking it was uncomfortable!
When we were in MI recently, Griffin's friends Jake and Casey had cowboy hats and horses. He has been asking for his own ever since. Grandpa and Grandma knew just what to bring for Griffin to make it an extra fun day for him also!
We made Lucy her favorite thing for lunch - pot roast carrots. The grownups didn't mind having some too!
Griffin really enjoyed celebrating his sister's birthday too and was especially attentive, helping her play with all her new clothes.
Time for birthday cupcakes. This is almost her first sweet (we let her taste my birthday cake at the beginning of the month) and she was not real sure about the lit candle or the out of tune Happy Birthday chorus (sadly, a singer I am not). Eventually, she got the hang of it and thought it was pretty yummy.
She was very neat with it, really this was as messy as it got.
It was definitely time for another nap then. We all got antsy for her to wake up, ready to open the rest of her presents. We had to change her - she owns almost all dresses but we are in a peculiar stage where she is crawling really fast and the dresses are so frustrating to her. I wrapped most of her presents in tissue paper which is easier for babies to get open. I think her favorite gift was a plush castle that has a knight, dragon and princess in it from Grandpa and Grandma. She really enjoyed putting all her new dresses on her head though.
Just as Grandpa and Grandma let this crazy storm whipped through, I don't remember ever seeing so much hail.
We were cleaning up and keeping our eye on the storm and this is where we found Lucy. She had to actually pull her blanket out from between the bars of her crib! I guess it was a really exciting and exhausting day for her. Our sweet little one year old!


4cheeseheads said…
what a very special day you created for her. I loved all the photos and I could imagine all the fun you had that day. love seeing her smiling and having a good time. cute decorating for the dining room. she was probably in awe of that.
too cute that griffin now has his own horse and cowboy hat.
thanks for sharing your photos.
hope all is well with your house and cars after that crazy storm. and also that gma and gpa got home safely.
4cheeseheads said…
One more thing....I'm blogging again.

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