First of the Birthday Celebrations

We celebrated Griffin's birthday for the FIRST time last Saturday while Granny and MorMor were visiting. We started the day at Griffin's soccer game. Being a Gemini, Griff definitely has two side to his personality. One is tough, aggressive, eager, excited, explosive and the other is mister mellow, chilled out, cool guy. Well, Mr. Mellow showed up to the soccer game so we watched him trot along at the back of the pack, hang out in the center of the field with a buddy and just cruise around the field. Afterward, we sped back to the house to change him and jumped back in the car for the hour drive to Evansville.
Griffin was soooo excited to take Granny and MorMor to the CMOE. He has had a breakthrough and now loves to go up in the tubes!! There was a new and improved baby room open that was so amazing and Lucy was totally blissed out in there.

Then we all went to Griffin's choice restaurant for dinner - Chuck E Cheese. We had never been to this location before and probably will never be again...also, our timing was bad. We got there at 5:30 on a Saturday and there were about 1000 too many people in there. It was totally nuts, but the grown ups endured and Griffin had a great time. Even Lucy got in on the fun! She is a little daredevil and was really into the rides. And you know, you can't spend time at a place like this with out playing some skeet ball!! We came home then and had cake and ice cream and presents before bed. A great and exhausting day for everyone!!!


Tina & Dikke said…
GREAT pix of the "zooed-out" day!!! We had so much fun even if it was NUTS!!!! Love the family pix playing skeetball! Love you guys, Mom/Gran