Pre-school Graduation

We had a really great weekend with Granny and MorMor visiting! It was a weekend all kids should be lucky enough to experience - 4 days devoted to celebrating them!
They got here late on Wednesday and we were all up bright and early on Thursday morning to take Griffin to his last day of pre-school. It was the final show-n-tell so we brought Zed and two dozen crickets for him to gobble up as the main event. We were told by the teacher that he was quite a hit with the class.

After an early dinner on Thursday evening we headed back to the school/church for Griffin's pre-school "graduation". All the kids were lined up on chairs on the stage and they all looked so cute dressed up in their "church clothes" (that is what we were told was the dress code for the evening.) There was a slide show of a ton of cute pictures showing on the wall behind the kids. As soon as the teacher started the program and they turned the slideshow off Griffin turned to the girl beside him and LOUDLY asked, "Where are our pictures??" and we knew we were in for it!!
That was the first of FOUR times that he interupted the program. I don't know why I didn't think to talk to him about that before hand, but I didn't. I guess I figured that they had practised and he knew to keep quiet....but I guess not. The next interuption, I happened to catch on video....

what can I say??? He has allergies!! The next interuption was to tell the teacher she had her cue cards out of order and the last time was to interupt the pastor to tell him, "Pastor John, Pastor John, In the begining God created the dinosaurs!!!!!!!" Of course, Bruce and I just rolled our eyes but the rest of the crowd got a pretty good giggle from that one. Ok, so over the next year I have a major job ahead of me helping Griffin know when it is a good time to talk and when to BE QUIET!! Afterward, Griffin hooked up with his best buddy Ethan. They were such good friends all year and we are bummed they head to different elementary schools. Griffin was definitly feeling proud of himself but also sentimental. He gave his teachers big hugs as we left the church and as we headed to the car he was full of feelings about missing pre-school. All of that was forgotten though, as he dug into his ice cream sundae we stopped for on the way home! On to the next adventure.


4cheeseheads said…
congrats preschool graduate. what a lucky boy to have all attention to him. he deserved it. your family photo in front the house amazing. cute video too. at least he was using his manners. one thing we've been trying to teach jake and casey is to say excuse me and also raise their hand when they have something to say. we practice this at home, especially when chris and i are deep in a conversation.
Anonymous said…
That is so sweet. I wish he were in my Kindergarten class next year. It is a great age to teach. You'll see a lot of growth. I'm amazed at what my students can do.