Well, I lost the vote 2 -1 and Griffin got his hair cut this afternoon. We had been growing it out since the first of the year, and I really enjoyed his new "look"...when it was styled that is. And, you know, that was the crux of the problem. His hair has cowlicks and body galore so every morning we would have to wet down his head and hairspray it to get two hours of "do" before funky hair returned, and that just does not work for this active little boy. A couple of mornings ago I was busy getting Lucy ready and Bruce found Griffin in our bathroom going nuts with the hairspray - that was enough for both of them, it had to go. I am glad to see those glorious eyebrows again. And Griffin, if there comes a day that you decide you want to grow you hair long, I have got your back buddy!


4cheeseheads said…
love this post. what a smiling little boy he was today.
the after photo is the griffin we've known for so long. at least you had your fun (even if was only for a few months) with the longer hair.
he'll enjoy the short cut during the hot summer days.
MountainWave said…
Cutie cutie! Love your new hair Griffin :)