More pillowcases

This time though, they are for US!! My sister bought us these huge, 32" square, pillows for Christmas...without cases. This was her awesome way of throwing down the challenge, "Are you up for making cases or what??" And 4.5 months later they are done - pretty good since I had given my self a six month goal. I have truly only been actively working on them since late March. I was going to make you guys guess the theme (yeah, I'm corny like that, there has to be a theme) but I am not confident enough in my skillz to know that you would be able to come up with it. Sooooo,




4cheeseheads said…
Your pillows are amazing. I would love a set like that for my bed. What a great theme. Awesome job.

Have a fun, fun, fun time with the moms celebrating griffins last days at school and his graduation and early birthday. boy it's going to be an all GRIFF weekend. How special.
Jessica said…
They turned out awesome!!! Love them!!! So glad I gave you the opportunity to make them. :) I especially like "earth."

(am I not in trouble anymore?)
Mama Gast said…
Yah, yah, you have redeemed yourself! ;)