Griffin Turns 5 Today!!

My little guy turns 5 today. He is so amazing, it really blows my mind!! I have told you all about him this year from my perspective and I think it is time he spoke for himself. This is the first annual Birthday Interview. I hope to ask him the same questions every year - won't it be interesting to see how his answers change! I tried my very best to not interfere in his answers even though some of them were truly suprising.

Birthday Interview
Griffin George
Age? 5
Grade? Pre-school
Your teachers this year? Ms. Cile & Ms. Rian, Ms. Angel (Library), Ms. Kelly and Ms. Charlotte (Speech Therapy)
What activities/sports/clubs were you involved in this year? Soccer, basketball, story hour
What pets do you have? Sunshine (dog) and Zed (bearded dragon)
What do you want to be when you grow up? A policeman
Where is 1 place you really want to go? Granny and Mormor’s house

What is your favorite………….
o Subject in school? ABC’s
o Meal? “Rollies” (sausage pinwheels)
o Fruit? Apples
o Vegetable? Broccoli
o Dessert? Chocolate
o Candy? M & M’s
o Drink? Milk
o Animal? Alligator
o Thing to do inside? Play cars
o Thing to do outside? Ride my bike
o Kind of music? Jazz
o Song? “the circus song”
o Place we visited this year? The pool in the hotel in St. Louis
o Chore around the house? Help clean up toys
o Thing to do with Mama? Cuddle
o Thing to do with Papa? Play knights
o Thing to do with Lucy? Play blocks in her room
o T.V. show? Diego
o Movie? Monsters vs. Aliens
o Toy? Oucho (Ultra Dinosaur)
o Book? My Cat Cuddles
o Day of the week? Saturday
o Holiday? Christmas
o Season? Winter
o Piece of clothing? Alligator shirt
o Sound? The one that spiders make, a very creepy sound
o Word? Please
o Smell? Flowers
o Color? Black


4cheeseheads said…
Christi, what an awesome idea. I loved ready his answers. I'll be stealing your idea and doing it with Jake too. Griffin - Happy Birthday Buddy! Have an awesome day celebrating YOU!!! Congrats on being 5!!
Miss you, love you,
Chanley, Chris, Jake and Casey
4cheeseheads said…
oops, i didn't read my message before I sent it. I meant to say: I loved "reading" his answers.
Anonymous said…

That is so cute. I'm glad you did that. If I ever have children I want to do the same thing. Have a great weekend and tell Griffin I said hi.
your cuz Jennifer
Anonymous said…
Hey Griff, I thought orange was your fav color!? Always good to experiment with new ideas!! love, gran
Mama Gast said…
Yeah, me too (orange) - that was one of the many I just had to bite my tongue on !!! (WHAT?!?!? the hotel pool!?!?!)