Even Lucy is starting to enjoy Family Movie Night. Now showing, Playmobil's The Secret of Pirate Island. The story line was a little thin and it felt like a long drawn out commercial for Playmobil toys (they are truly preaching to the choir in our case!) Griffin said, "That was the BEST movie EVER!!!" so I guess that tells you what he thought. He liked that it is an interactive movie where every 10 minutes or so you get to choose what the next move will be. That format is excellent (I remember LOVING those choose your own adventure books when I was a kid) and hope that this is a new trend in movies for kids. Also, with pirates, dragons and an army of skeletons, it was just scary enough to thrill a five year old.

It's been kind of a quiet week around here - not so much to blog about. We've all been struggling with colds (not Bruce though, with his super-human immune system!) Just kind of taking it easy, enjoying the last few beautiful days of fall (we are still walking around in short sleeves in the afternoon!)

Griffin had 2 soccer games this week which wrapped up the season. He should be starting basketball in the next couple of weeks. Things have really geared up for him academically and we are needing to spend extra time at night studying with him so he continues to have good scores. They are actually being tested on 30+ "sight" words next week so I have made him flash cards that we are reviewing. Wow, I am starting to realize, homework for him = homework for me!!

Lucy is doing really great, being much more interactive with strangers and starting to bust out of that thick shell of hers. It is so good to see her approach other adults in a friendly way, like we are really starting to make some progress.
I am a busy little bee, getting Christmas presents made, items made to sell at a holiday open house and starting to work on hand quilting a twin size for Griffin's top bunk. I am soooo excited for Thanksgiving...which means the Marinos are almost on their way!!! We are all really looking forward to that extended cozy time with them!! Bruce is busy at work and loving every minute of it.
So, that's our update. I will try to take some photos this week to get up here. Love y'all, thanks for checking in on us!! Peace.


MountainWave said…
Glad to read your family news. I was down in the basement sorting and had the Gast CDs playing the other night. Thanks again for those :)