Wow, teach a boy to read and.....well, he will try to read just about anything. From road signs to the newspaper (yeah, we are old skool like that!) Griffin's appetite for reading has gone from barely anything to wanting to sound out everything. It is an amazing metamorphosis, just one more way in which he is becoming his best self. We had such a great day with him yesterday. Of course it was soupy Sunday, but this time he helped me decide which soup to make (potato), what goes into that soup (potatoes!!), helped me shop for ingredients and even learned to peel potatoes. Bruce spent some alone time with him, teaching him to play crazy 8's with *real* cards. It is so fun to see his voracious hunger for new information, new challenges. He certainly keeps me motivated to find ways to challenge my brain, to keep learning.


Anonymous said…
that's awsome. I'm so glad to hear that he is excited about learning and reading. Teachers love to here these things. Let his teacher know, she/he will be encouraged. Keep up the good work.