Mr. Buddy Guy

Bruce and I were lucky enough to get THIRD ROW tickets to see our favorite musician, Buddy Guy, last night at The Centre in Evansville. First of all, what a great date. Bruce even bought me a gorgeous purple phaleonopsis orchid plant - what a romancer!!
Secondly, man, what a show!! I have seen Buddy maybe 5 or 6 times in concert (Bruce has seen him about a dozen times) and we both agreed this is one of the best Buddy shows we have been too. He was HOT and having a blast, and everyone in the room totally jived on that energy. If you have never seen Buddy and have even the slightest interest in the Blues, than you have got to it now, while he is still touring cause it won't last forever!! He not only plays his own amazing music, but he always gives you a lesson on the old blues masters. He'll say, "Mr. Muddy Waters would have played it like this...." or "Eric Clapton will lay it down like this..." He is incredibly interactive with the audience and every time I have ever seen him, he will play his guitar while walking the aisles around the audience. Last night he played some of our favorites, did an awesome version of "Slipping In". He also played "Skin Deep", the title song off his last album. It was so good, I had goosebumps the whole time. Course, Buddy hardly ever finishes a song, one jam just leading to another, the band rushing to keep up with him. Near the end of his set he played, "Mustang Sally" which of course, set the crowd on fire! We enjoyed every minute of it. Also, for local friends, The Centre was a great venue, definitely see a show there if you get a chance.


4cheeseheads said…
so happy to hear you had an awesome night. bruce must have been in heaven with all the guitar playing.
MountainWave said…
love hearing about your Buddy Guy/date night. love your man's ways, love that you love music together, love that you pulled out your heels. I've never seen Buddy Guy but.....I'm guessin' I'd love it :)

Love love love love, la-dee-da-dee-daaa~