A perfect Thanksgiving

Our weekend was so wonderful! Deep connections being revived, family bonds growing stronger, traditions being kept.Dean and Gabriella arrived on Friday afternoon and we got right down to the business of properly celebrating Gabriella's birthday. She was sweet enough to let Griffin help blow out the candles and share her wish with him.
Thanksgiving day was wonderful....we feasted,

we laughed, and laughed, and laughed, And we even napped!! (Well, some of us napped!)

Griffin has taken to calling Dno and Gabriella "the parents" so, not sure what that makes Bruce and I, but...I think he would have gone home with them to Michigan if they would have taken him. Especially, if they promised him snow in his near future! Miss Lu was not a very friendly girl, although she would allow herself to be on the receiving end of a few kisses and was eager to call out for Gabriella - after she had left the room, that is!
We had a great time on Friday going on outings. The guys did 18 holes on the golf course in the morning. Gabriella and I had a few margaritas at the mall before going to see New Moon in the afternoon. Such fun for us to all catch up. It was hard to see them go on Saturday afternoon but I was left with such a warm sense of connectedness and an absolute knowledge that we will all be together again soon!


Anonymous said…
Amazing friends, amazing kids, amazing memories. Being with all of you all brought us pure joy! I didn't think it was possible but we love you even more!


4cheeseheads said…
What a fantastic way to celebrate Thanksgiving with awesome friends. Your photos are great and I love the comment by Griffin calling Dno and Gabriella "The Parents"? I wonder what that meant. I recognize the cute dress Lucy wore on Thanksgiving Day. Your table looked amazing and yummy.
Did you like New Moon? I have yet to go out and see it, but want to very soon.