Play time

My pal Katie and I took our girls to the park yesterday. What an amazing November day! I keep thinking this is the last nice week, let's make the most out of it. And then...the next week is amazing too and I think the same thing! Well, in the end, we have had a whole season of gorgeous weather and we have made the most out of each week.
Katie and Phoebe were nice enough to bring lunch over AND a dozen eggs fresh from their coop....Delicious!! We had yummy farm fresh omelets this morning and were so thankful for friends who share.Although there is a year age difference between the girls, Lucy is hot on Phoebe's tail and it won't be long until she is keeping up.
I am loving that the women I am really connecting with have daughters around Lucy's age. Surely reinforces my belief that the right people will show up in your life at the right time if you remain open. I think openness is the key. That is something I am always trying to remember. Be open to receive the love, light and gifts this life has to offer. That nothing is stagnant, everything is always changing, I just have to remain open to the possibilities.
We have had a rough couple of weeks here with colds, busyness, and my mood (which I am blaming whole heartedly on my hormones!!!) I feel like I have been slowly closing myself off, disconnecting in a way, but yesterday in the sun and fresh air and with such good company, I was able to shrug off that yuck and open up again.
I mean, c'mon on, look at that smile!

Have a great weekend, y'all. Peace.


MountainWave said…
Lovin' this posting. Openness to the Abundance, to the Flow, the love light and gifts, yes yes yes. And so excited that there is a chicken lady in your life!! There's just somethin' about that....and to the great timing of it all.