2010 Talisman

So for awhile now, I have really been feeling the pull...you know, my inner voice telling me I was ready to take my passion for sewing to a new level. I wasn't quite sure where exactly I needed to go with it, but I was feeling open. One day I was dusting the bookshelves and this book, Magical Fabric Art by Sandra McCraw Scarpa, caught my eye. The Marinos, I believe, had given it to me years ago. At the time I had skimmed it, thought it had great stuff in it, and put it away for another day when I would have more time to look at it. Well, you know how that story always ends...it sat on the shelf for years. This time though, I read it cover to cover in a couple of weeks. It was the catalyst I needed to get my artistic energy harnessed. The ideas the book contained planted a seed in me that has grown and Grown and GROWN. I really feel now that I have been able to leave "hobby quilter" behind and truly see myself as a "fabric artist". Although, the structure of quilting and general sewing soothes the type A organized perfectionistic side of my brain, I can now see that fabric art projects are going to nurture my true Self, my soul. Through this artwork, I can more clearly see my essence. This is my first project, my 2010 Talisman.
To make it I focused on my intentions, my purpose, my goals for 2010.
Each fabric section symbolizes some area of my life that I want to focus on this year.
It was an amazing experience to then take those dreams and translate them into a visual using fabric, yarn, ribbon, beads, thread, feathers, etc. I was able to incorporate so many techniques and materials that I love so much.
It was an exercise in meditation for me as I sewed on each piece, being mindful and focusing my energy on the area on which I was working. Just beading my hand outline took 7 hours of labor...you can only sew on 3 beads at a time.

I learned so much and my sewing skills increased tremendously.
One of the most important lessons I learned was not to force it! I would have an idea and spend an hour pushing and struggling to get the desired results without success. In many cases, the MOMENT I was able to let go of that idea, clear my mind, take a deep breath, the answer would come to me. The results were always better and more interesting than the original idea. There are so many instances in my life where I can apply that lesson!
When I set about making this project, beauty was not my highest goal. I really wanted to stay true to my flow, to honoring the ideas as they came and not feel penned in by a preconceived outcome. Now that it is finished I do see beauty and that feels very satisfying.

I would love to talk to any of you about the significance of each embellishment, what each section means to me, but for now I am going to choose to not share that publicly. Those ideas are so personal to me, I am just not in a place where I am ready to publish them on the Internet for the whole world to read. So, if you mosey on by for a visit sometime in the future, I will love talking to you about it.

And so...on to the next project!


Anonymous said…
Your talisman is beautiful.
You are beautiful.
Your heart, your mind and your soul
are beautiful.
Your passion is beautiful.
Our friendship is beautiful

I love you!

MountainWave said…
Amen to Gabriella's comment. Celebrating this with you!!! Radiating your essence more with every breath through this new work, this new flow, this opening, this awakening! It is beautiful, your description of the journey and the piece itself and I would LOVE to sit with you and your creation and listen as you tell about stitch and feather, bead and texture, and life life life~

Love you. Holding you and your soulcraft in the Light~

Mama Gast said…
Thank you soooo much for your wonderful words and feedback, Gabriella and Sara. It really means so much to me.
Anonymous said…
Lovely sweetness...awakening your divine feminine...let's set aside time on your birthday for your to journey down the talisman path! I'd love to witness it! Love, Mom